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7 Best Smart Speaker in India-[Buying Guide]

Best 7 Smart Speaker in India.

Hello smart users, with the advanced technology every thing now become very advance and therefore everyone needs every thing to be advanced or smart so to use that thing in an easier way. For them who are looking for smart speaker we created the list by checking and testing all the Best 7 Smart Speaker in India. To operate them you have to connect them first with your smart phone and also need internet connection only after that you can be able to operate the smart speaker with your voice command.

You can command many things to the smart speaker and the speaker will reply to your every question. You can command to play music, can ask about the temperature, day, date, year and many other things. Scroll to the end of the page to see every single smart speaker with its detail. If you are really interested in buying the smart speaker then you can go for them. If you liked our post then comment us that you liked it. So that we will do more research of more things for you.

7 Top Smart Speaker in India.

  1. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Alexa Smart Speaker.
  2. Eufy Genie AK-T1241211 with Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker.
  3. Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Smart Speaker.
  4. LUMIFORD GoFash-NY with Alexa Built Smart Speaker.
  5. Echo Studio Dolby Atmos and Alexa Smart Speaker.
  6. Duluck Humpty Dumpty Alexa-Enabled Smart Speaker.
  7. Duluck Masterpiece Smart Speaker.

Details of 7 Best Smart Speaker in India :-

1. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Alexa (Purple).

The Echo Dot smart speaker comes with the voice assistant of Alexa that is all you need to say “Alexa” to command anything. With 4 inbuilt microphone the hearing power of the speaker is super that it can easily listen to your command from all over the room. The size of the speaker is small that can be keep in large size of pocket. There is no lights in it and the build quality is too good. 4 soft buttons on top of the speaker are given for easy control. You can control smart led lights, smart AC, Air purifier using smart plug.

Product detail:-

  • Our most popular smart speaker with 360 degree sound
  • Just ask Alexa for music, news, trivias, scores, weather, alarms , kids rhymes and stories
  • Alexa is always ready to help in both English & Hindi
  • Voice control smart lights or your existing AC, geyser, water pump, air purifier using smart plug (smart home accessories sold separately)
  • With 4 microphones, Alexa can hear you across the room

2. Eufy Genie AK-T1241211 Amazon Alexa Smart speaker.

The Such Genie AK-T1241211 with top of circular shape led light fitted for better look. With the soft button you increase/decrease or mute the speaker. This mini smart speaker can able to control your many Smart devices just by a command. It is compatible with smart phones, iPhones and tablets. Full black colour of this speaker looks shining and is used as a table top speaker. This speaker supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network, no Bluetooth. With Amazon Alexa app you can use 10,000+ skills. The speaker of this smart device is of 2 watt output power.

Eufy Genie AK-T1241211 Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa (Black)
Eufy Genie AK-T1241211 Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa (Black)

Product detail:-

  • eufy Genie is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Amazon’s intelligent Alexa voice assistant.
  • Built with a 2W speaker that delivers dynamic audio and room-filling sound.
  • Enables a true voice-controlled smart home experience.
  • Easy setup with the free EufyHome app.
  • Future updates include: Alexa messaging and calling.

3. Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Smart speaker.

The Mivi Roam is an Ultra- portable wireless speaker with high- definition sound with super booming back. With the 5 watt power output it delivers you optimum sound quality. It designed in such a way that you can easily it anywhere and also it looks good. Battery enables you to play song on this portable smart speaker for more than 6 hours. Splash resistant feature of helps to keep it away from dust. Lithium polymer battery can keep playing music for 6 hours. With the adaptive Touch control it become easy to use it.

Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker with HD Sound, Booming Bass and 5Watts Peak Output-Black
Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker with HD Sound, Booming Bass and 5Watts Peak Output-Black 

Product detail:-

  • Super Solid Bass: Powerful, best-in-class 5Watt drivers that deliver optimum sound.
  • Touch adaptive controls: Control your playtime with adaptive touch controls on the speaker.
  • True Wireless Stereo: Pair two speakers to deliver 2X sound and extra-powerful left and right speakers.
  • Splash resistant: Dust and splash resistant (IP67) design for a worry-free playtime.
  • Play it on and on: Lithium-polymer battery lets you enjoy up to six hours of playtime (at 70% Volume)

4. LUMIFORD GoFash-NY Alexa Built-in voice control Smart speaker.

The Lumiford GoFash -NY wireless Bluetooth smart speaker comes with built in Alexa voice control feature. By downloading the Lumiford U app from the Playstore you can access to many features of this smart speaker. The advanced Bluetooth technology will give you non interruptions music enjoyment for longer time. Battery of this speaker is of lithium type and having a power of 3000 mAh so you can listen to songs on it for 8-10 hours. Design and overall look is good, you can easily carry it anywhere by holding its sift thin handle type strip. It is compatible with multiple devices.

LUMIFORD GoFash-NY Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa Built-in voice control,
LUMIFORD GoFash-NY Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa Built-in voice control,

Product detail:-

  • This product has Amazon Alexa built in functionality, providing a voice forward experience that uses Alexa to play music with given information.
  • The IPX5 Water Resistant feature allows you to beach playtime up to 11 hours of Play time
  • 3000mAh lithium battery gives you all the audio time you need and allows you to Hands free calling with 11 hours of Talk time
  • The Advanced Bluetooth Version used in this speaker going with the trend of connecting multiple devices.

5. Echo Studio with Dolby Atmos and Alexa Smart speaker.

The Echo Studio comes with the Dolby Atmos so you can listen songs on full volume with the finest sound quality. Good quality of fabric is used on the outer body of the speaker. Soft Buttons are on its top side for increasing/decreasing volume and many more. You can stream many songs just by a command. Dolby Atmos adds depth, bass and quality to the music.

Echo Studio - Smart speaker with high-fidelity audio, Dolby Atmos and Alexa (Black)
Echo Studio – Smart speaker

Product detail:-

  • Immersive sound
  • Voice control your music
  • Adapts to any room
  • Built-in smart home hub
  • Connect with others
  • Designed to protect your privacy

6. Duluck Humpty Dumpty Alexa-Smart speaker.

The Duluck Humpty Dumpty smart speaker with Alexa enabled voice control function is one of the best smart speaker in the list of the Best 7 smart speakers in India. The design and build quality of this speaker is very good. By using the Duluck app you can access to many other features of this smart audio device. It will reply to every question that you will ask to Alexa.

Duluck Humpty Dumpty Alexa-Enabled Voice Controlled
Duluck Humpty Dumpty Alexa-Enabled Voice Controlled

Product detail:-

  • Voice controled Wifi Bluetooth Speaker
  • Easy setup: It takes about 3 minutes to setup and get it ready.
  • Hi-Tech Design: Sensitive touch panel is designed for easy control
  • Massive Entertainment Resources
  • Your Portable Alexa

7. Duluck Masterpiece Smart Speaker.

This Duluck masterpiece smart speaker works on the same Duluck app. The advanced design of this speaker with Hi-Tech technology of voice command. You can use this speaker as an assistant, so that you can give command to it and it will do the work if it possible with this smart audio device. The app let’s you work on more than 50,000+ skills for the speaker.

Duluck Masterpiece Smart Speaker
Duluck Masterpiece Smart Speaker

Product detail:-

  • Voice controlled WiFi Bluetooth Speaker
  • Built-in Alexa Voice Assistant
  • Set reminders for special events and occasions,
  • Easy setup: It takes about 3 minutes to setup and get it ready.
  • Hi-Tech Design: Touch sensitive panel are designed for easy controlling.
  • Your WiFi signal Extender
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